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Urgent Care Clinics Are So Important For Those Who Are Uninsured

What should you know about urgent care? If you know what this type of care entails, you know it is not tied to the emergency room, the ICU or anything of that nature. It is about minor injuries and illnesses actually, but these clinics see patients that don’t have health insurance. There are dental clinics that fall into this category as well. Now that you know how these types of facilities are classified, have you been to one or at least know where one is located?

24 Hr Clinic

Chances are, there is one 24 hr clinic near you somewhere. Maybe if you haven’t been to one, you know someone that has at some point. These clinics number in the thousands across the US, and they help so many people. They may be under funded, but they are there. These clinics are cheaper than patients having to go to the emergency room when they need care and don’t have health insurance. Obviously, if there is an emergency, it should be handled accordingly.

Many times, people think that since they don’t have health insurance, the only option is the emergency room. They can pay full price for a doctor’s visit and prescription, but who can do that? Therefore, they go to the emergency room because they think that is the only option they have. Maybe you have been in that same boat, and you are just now finding out about urgent care centers. If that’s the case, you need to see how they can help you.

Cost of Emergency Room

Emergency rooms might bill you, but they bill you in major fashion. They will really stick it to you, so you want to make sure that you are supposed to go to the emergency room before you go. Otherwise,you could be going to a medical clinic in your area and save money. Do you have to make an appointment when you go?

The answer is no, and that is the pro. The con is you can have to wait for awhile since these clinics handle everything on a walk-in, first come, first serve basis. While you might have to wait, think about the needs these types of care centers provide for. They are certainly necessary, and they can be expanded upon in the future with the right vision and plan in place. All that has to be done is for more people to recognize their importance. We need to place a priority on healthcare in this country.

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